Wrought Iron Fence Installation Guide

wrought iron fence installationWhen it comes to fencing, there are a number of choices: wood, wrought iron, wire, chain-link, iron, and vinyl. Within those types of materials, there are many more varieties, and, plenty of differences in function and/or aesthetics. A fence can be used for containing, or, simply for looks. Many homeowners like the look of wrought iron because it’s classic, as well as simple and stylish. Wrought iron can be found around historic parks and public buildings, museums, and residential homes precisely because of its qualities.

This type of fencing offers extraordinary durability, but, it must be properly care for over its lifetime. Unlike other types of fencing, wrought iron is manufactured with heavy welds, so, it’s chosen not only for its beauty, but its strength. What’s more, it comes in a variety of styles and heights, and, is ideal for creating a barrier that you can still see through. Wrought iron can be installed into the ground or even on top of concrete. If installed the right way, wrought iron can also be installed on hilly ground, slopes, or in cut-sections. (more…)

How to Use Landscaping Lighting

how to use landscaping lightingOne of the great things about living in Sarasota, Florida is the wonderful weather. Even during the winter months, temperatures rarely dip so low as to preclude enjoying the outdoors. With such stunning sunrises and sunsets, along with all kinds of natural beauty, it’s part of Florida living to enjoy all the Sunshine State has to offer. For homeowners with an outdoor deck or a patio, you can make certain improvements to get more function and enjoyment out of the space.

Of course, you can install a fire pit, put-in an outdoor kitchen, and arrange outdoor seating for your family and friends to enjoy. Another thing you can do is to install deck lighting to be able to use the outdoor space for hours after the sun goes down. In addition, you can also opt to install landscaping lighting in your front yard, as well as your back yard, and even on the sides of your home. It’s how to use landscape lighting that presents the biggest obstacle to most homeowners. (more…)

DIY Landscape Lighting: Illuminating Your Outdoor Space

DIY landscape lightingDIY landscape lighting not only provides function, but can make your outdoor space substantially more beautiful. If you’ve already pulled-out all the stops to make your yard look top-rate with spectacular hardscaping and softscaping, it’s time to put the last piece of the puzzle into place–landscape lights.

Outdoor light transforms a yard, patio, deck or garden from ordinary to extraordinary. Not only does landscape light make your exterior accessible during the evening, it sets-off key features that dazzle the eye.

And the good news is, the majority of exterior lighting is energy efficient. There is a wide variety of low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures on the market. Not only does that lower the long term cost, it also provides a great deal of fixtures from which to choose. (more…)

Outdoor Shade Awning Installation How-To

how to install an awning for shadeOutdoor awnings are a terrific way to lessen the glare of the sun and reduce the amount of ambient heat coming into the home. They are also decorative and provide an aesthetic improvement to a home’s exterior, deck, or, patio. If you are thinking of adding an outdoor awning to your home, you won’t need extensive contracting experience to do so. In fact, the whole project should take no more than a few hours to complete with the aid of a helping hand.

How to Install an Outdoor Awning for Shade

The great thing about an awning is it serves more than one function. These can be decorative, helping to continue an aesthetic theme of your backyard landscape. In addition, awnings are a cost-effective way of reducing energy use in your home.

Shade Awning Function

The shade an awning provides does much to protect the surface of a deck or patio, and, also protects outdoor furniture fabric from fading and becoming frail. It offers protection from falling debris and other objects while cooking outdoors on a grill. (more…)

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Landscape

how to attract butterflies to your landscapeEveryone loves the site of colorful butterflies in their garden. These delicate and diverse creatures are marvels to the eye and provide a sense of nature that can’t be duplicated. The truth is, you don’t really need a “butterfly garden” to attract these beautiful creatures. In fact, if you study the species a bit, you’ll learn that some of the most attractive things to butterflies are weeds–the last thing that we would purposely add to our landscapes.

Butterflies are attracted to certain plants but don’t necessarily spend a lot of time in them. If you want to attract butterflies, you’ve got to think about not only adults, but also larva and caterpillars. In other words, you have to provide a complete environment to truly attract butterflies and this includes other elements than just plants.

The good news is there are so many types of plants that attract these colorful creatures, that’s it’s somewhat difficult to select ones that won’t do the trick. This is a welcome fact, because the more butterflies you attract to your yard, the more they’ll help in pollination and that promotes more robust, health growth of your flowers. However, when to attract these brightly colored insects, you’ll also attract predators, like┬ábirds, spiders, reptiles, other insects, which include such unwelcome guests as wasps, flies, and mites, as well as small mammals. (more…)

Deck Lighting Installation Tips

deck lighting installationYour deck is a wonderful outdoor living space addition to your home. It provides an intimate and functional area to entertain and relax. When equipped with the right features, it becomes more than just a place to sit. A deck can be a gathering place where meals can be prepared, cooked, and served, with an outdoor kitchen. In addition, this space can also have other creature comforts and uses, for instance, a fire pit, seating area, television, sound system, and so much more.

In order to make it fully accessible, regardless of the time of day, you’ll need to install deck lighting. This provides more than just illumination for when the sun is down, it can also drastically transform your outdoor living space. Deck lighting can not only illuminate common seating and functional areas, it can also be used to highlight features. With such versatility, you’ll have a lot to take into consideration before you purchase and install deck lighting. (more…)

Biggest Landscaping Myths Homeowners Believe (but Shouldn’t)

biggest landscaping mythsWe live in a modern, technological world that keeps getting more sophisticated and savvy about sharing information and developing creature comforts. We have the best of the best when it comes to conveniences and those just keep getting better as time goes on, which is why it’s so perplexing that so many of us believe things that aren’t true.

Everyone of us sees things on television, the internet, and social media that defies logic or puts our ability to suspend disbelief to the ultimate test. Of course, these medium are usually where we collectively go to escape from reality but that doesn’t mean the content doesn’t creep into our subconscious. While there is an immediate availability to find information, particularly on the web, it’s quite alarming at how much of it isn’t accurate, is exaggerated, or is just plain wrong.

The sad part of this common phenomenon is that it can result in harm. When it comes to landscaping, there are plenty of myths and lost lasting folklore people believe. It’s only after experimenting and experiencing the results that the truth is revealed. The problem is that it can cost you a lot of time and money to make these mistakes and what makes it worse is that it’s all completely unnecessary. (more…)

How to Build a Beautiful Brick Patio

build a beautiful brick patioIf you want to add a bit more function and style to your backyard, increasing the size of your living and entertaining space, you call install a beautiful brick patio. You might believe this to be a colossal job, one that requires the skilled hand of an experienced tradesman, like a mason, but it’s actually not that difficult. However, it is time consuming and will take a lot of effort to get the job done right so you don’t have to call-in a professional to rescue a botched attempt.

You only need a few common hand tools and the stamina and determination to do it right. This doesn’t mean it will be a cinch, but it will not be so complicated that you can’t handle it on your own. Of course, it’s always nice to have at least one set of helping hands and even better if that person is good with DIY projects. (more…)

10 Sun-Thriving Shrubs You can Use in Your Landscape

sun-thriving shrubsShrubs range in size from small to medium and are a woody plant. These differ from trees because of their multiple stems and short height. Shrubs make a great addition to any landscape because they can respond very well to renewal pruning. Depending on their growing conditions, plants can become shrubs or trees and most shrubs do not exceed 20 feet in height. Some shrubs only grow to between 4 feet to 6 feet and can be clipped as topiary, making them grow more densely. Shrubs grouped together in a shrubby habitat are typically species that are either deciduous or evergreen.

Of the many species, shrubs can thrive in certain climate environments, ranging from shady and cool to completely exposed to the full strength of the sun in warm climates. Here in Sarasota, there’s certainly no shortage of sunlight and summers are quite warm and balmy. Hydrangeas, for instance, like morning sun, but don’t do as well when exposed to a lot of sunlight through the day. These prefer shady conditions during the afternoon hours when the sun is at its hottest. Red Japanese barberry shrub is another species that likes sun in the morning, but grows best under shade during the long sunny hours of spring and summer. (more…)

How to Create a Rock Garden

create rock gardenFew can deny the beauty and function of a rock garden. What’s this about function, you might be asking? Well, rock gardens are the perfect answer to what ails you the most when it comes to your lawn and landscape. Practically every home has that one area that’s really difficult to maintain. It might be a corner, a slope, or another challenging reality that you absolutely dread having to take care of from time to time. When you put in a rock garden, you won’t have the same headache to deal with, and, you’ll get the added benefit of having a great feature.

What’s more, a rock garden is a kind of one-and-it’s-done, or, set-it-and-forget-it hardscape feature. In other words, once you put in a rock garden, you really don’t have to do much to maintain it. Rocks don’t grow, but, they do help to encourage growth. So, you’ll have to weed around it now and again, unless you put down landscape fabric.

In addition to being easy to create and maintain, there’s the benefit of having a feature that will last for many, many years. This is one of the secrets of professionals, they know that hardscaping brings a lot to an outdoor living and entertainment space, not only providing aesthetics, but also function, and longevity. (more…)

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