How to Keep Pond Predators Away from Your Yard

how to keep pond predators awayYou took the time and effort, not to mention, incurred the cost, of putting a wonderful and beautiful landscape feature into your backyard. It’s an eye-catching water feature that is home to fish. You do what you can to keep them healthy, which includes keeping the water feature in its best condition and feed them regularly.

One day, you notice something that’s a bit odd, and, it’s also unnerving. You go out to throw in a bit of food and it occurs to you that there are fewer fish in your pond. At first, you think just perhaps, a few expired, but then you can’t find them anywhere. Slowly, it begins to become quite apparent that you’re dealing with a problem.

Something is poaching your pond fish and you have to deal with it. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot that can be done about pond predators, but that’s certainly to not say that you’re helpless. Pond predators not only eat fish, they also do other harm to your water feature. Needless to say, you’ve first got to identify the source of the problems and then take action. The good news is, that you have a few options to exercise to keep your fish safe and to keep your water feature in its best condition. (more…)

Water Feature Maintenance Tips You can Use

water feature maintenance tipsA water feature is one of the most soothing and beautiful amenities of a landscape, providing hours of relaxation. These can serve as focal points or can also be an enhancements to a residential landscape design. Water features come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, ranging from simple fountains to complex waterfalls, and must be maintained in order to keep them looking their best. Homeowners learn in a short manner of time that although water features face numerous challenges.

Here in Sarasota, a water feature is something that can mimic a nearby body of water, like Sarasota Bay or the Gulf of Mexico. It can also be used in a way that best fits into a certain design, giving it the peace and tranquility of streaming water or a small pond. Whatever it’s size, shape, or function, a water feature must be maintained in different ways. Ponds can be a great environment for such species as Koi fish while waterfalls can spill into a swimming pool or a pond.

Depending on its surroundings, a water feature can also be a bit of work to keep it looking great. There are many things which can make a water feature appear unsightly, from pollen and leaves, to algae and murky waters. These can range from minor cosmetic problems to major problems, such as leaking. Pests and critters can likewise be problematic for water features, as some like to take-up residence in and around them or claw to find tasty treats under stones. (more…)

Getting Rid of Waterfall Algae

waterfall algaeIf you have a waterfall to make your landscape truly elegant, you’ve no doubt seen something that’s not so savvy floating in the water and creeping up the stone or brick walls. That unsightly growth is algae and you certainly don’t want your beautiful water feature to play host to something so ugly and unhealthy.

It’s often an unpleasant reality, you have a wonderful waterfall put in your yard, and enjoy the sound of the streaming water, along with the relaxing and memorizing sight of it cascading into a pool. The awe reaches a new level after the sun goes down, when you can watch the water dance under the colorful lights.

Algae isn’t supposed to be part of the picture and the longer you wait to do something about it, the more it will overtake your waterfall, covering everything eventually. Left unchecked, it will also leave colored stains, which are quite difficult to remove. The quicker you act, the less of a task it will be to rid your waterfall of the growth, so, time is of the essence. (more…)

DIY Water Feature Freeze Protection Tips You can Use

water feature freeze protection tipsDepending on where you live in the country, be it in sunny Sarasota, Florida, or up north, you’ll experience freezing temperature during the winter months. In places like the Sunshine State, although infrequent, cold snaps cause temperatures to fall to at or below freezing, which typically happens in the months of January and February. What’s more, in places like Sarasota, said freezing temperatures generally last no more than a day or two and the mercury rises steeply in some instances with wild swings.

Of course, in the northeast and midwest, freezing temperatures are present during most of the winter, and, are not at all unusual. This means nearly regardless of your location, your landscape will have to survive through freezing temperatures.

During the winter, we often here about ways to keep plants, pets, and pools safe through freezes. However, not much attention is paid to water features. And, the absence of reminders can easily lead to an unpleasant and expensive reality of having to make repairs. These can range from quick fixes to all-out replacement, depending on the severity of the weather. (more…)

Choosing a Landscape Water Feature

landscape water featureA water feature can be a source of tranquility, like a Koi pond or waterfall. It can also be a source of relaxation and entertainment, like a swimming pool or a spa. Whatever the feature, there are some considerations you’ll have to take into account in order to get the most out of it. Of course, space will be a large factor, as will the price of installation and maintenance.

Some water features require little hands-on maintenance. Others however, may need constant attention. The trick is to balance style with function. And with safety. Pools, spas, ponds and waterfalls can all be safety hazards for families with young children and for the elderly. The good news is, living in Sarasota, there’s no shortage of choices. Practically anything you can imagine or have seen be it in a magazine or on television has probably been installed more than once across the state. That means the type of water feature you choose is entirely up to you. (more…)

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