How to Make a Clay Pot Smoker

clay pot smokerTerra cotta pots are one of the single most versatile household items. These are not only ideal for planting flowers, but also, to convert into fountains, make wonderful outdoor aesthetic decorations, and serve many more purposes. What you might not know is just how durable clay pots really are and what they can be used for, other than plants.

In fact, these are so versatile and durable, they date back to antiquity, used for storing food, grain, and many other items. A little known fact about clay pots is they are the reason for the word, “insincere.” While that might sound quite strange, even fantastic, it’s nonetheless true. When a potter made a clay pot that wasn’t up to standards, it could be revealed by holding it up to the sunlight. If there was a defect in the glaze, it would be apparent, and the phrase “insincere” was used to describe it.

Today, terra cotta is still very popular, precisely because of its simplicity and many uses. They can hold plants, water, and be used indoors and outside. One surprising use it to convert a clay pot into a smoker. Before you think it’s too difficult and requires tools, you can make a clay pot smoker in a short amount of time, and, with little effort. You don’t need a big work space or specialized skills, just a terra cotta pot and a few materials. (more…)

Big Time Outdoor Kitchen Mistakes

outdoor kitchen mistakesWhen it comes to the ultimate in outdoor living, nothing beats an outside kitchen, complete with all the amenities of a traditional interior space. It takes entertainment to a whole new level and is ideal for hosting parties around the pool and nice for family dinners on weekend evenings.

There’s just one, actually several, problems that homeowners inadvertently invent and invite on themselves because they do not take into consideration some undeniable factors. Every home improvement project comes with its own set of challenges and just like hardscaping or implementing measures to deal with common pests, it isn’t a simple do-it-yourself proposition.

To make the most of your existing landscape, you’ll want to expand upon the theme already in place. One thing you really want to avoid is not synchronizing your new kitchen with your existing features. If you do, it will look out-of-place and that will negatively impact your home’s value come resale time. (more…)

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

outdoor kitchen design ideasThe outdoor kitchen, a great place to cook-up some tasty treats and enjoy the wonderful sub-tropical weather that is quintessential Sarasota. There’s nothing like being able to entertain and spend time with family and friends near the pool or alongside a decorative landscape. Having the convenience of a fully functional kitchen means being able to cook a great meal, with plenty of sides, without having to track back and forth into your home.

Many homeowners would love to have an outdoor kitchen, but too many believe that it’s simply too expensive. The reality is, an outdoor kitchen, by-and-large, is only as expensive as you want it to be. With a few simple design ideas, a bit of DIY work, and a few tips and tricks, you can have an outdoor kitchen that accommodates your needs nicely. The real challenge is not so much about the “build out,” but mostly the planning. Like practically any other project, having a plan to follow makes the venture a lot easier and keeps you from overspending.

To get the most out of an outdoor kitchen, you really need to thing about its functionality. If you don’t put enough forethought into your project, you’ll be unpleasantly confronted with problems, which can range from annoying to outright dangerous. Layout will be the key to making the most out of your new cooking space and to getting the most enjoyment from it with as little maintenance as possible. (more…)

5 Quick Tips For Designing The Best Outdoor Kitchen For Your Sarasota Home

Outdoor Kitchen Build-Out SarasotaMake the most out of your yard by bringing the inside out! An outdoor kitchen is a great way to expand your living space and add value to your home, while providing a perfect opportunity for entertaining in the fresh air. You don’t need a ton of space to have a functional kitchen outside, but there are some things you should keep in mind when designing your ideal outdoor kitchen to make it the best it can be.

Plan for all kinds of weather.

You don’t want to be limited on when you can use your outdoor kitchen, so make sure your design includes shelter, shade, and even heat sources. Depending on the style of your kitchen, you can incorporate trees and bushes, awnings, or patio umbrellas to provide some shade and shelter, and consider installing a fire pit or outdoor heater to stay cozy even on the chilliest nights.

Stay safe, too – get a smoke alarm and keep a fire extinguisher within easy reach of your grill or fire pit, and use fans to ensure proper ventilation.


5 Ways to Improve a Pergola

ways-to-improve-a-pergolaA pergola provides shade and enhances the look of almost any outdoor space. It’s great for entertaining and relaxing. What’s more, there are many styles from which to choose, so there’s something for practically every backyard. If you have a pergola or plan on installing one on your property, you can opt for the minimal look and function or dress it up with some improvements. For those who prefer the latter alternative, there are five wonderful ways to improve a pergola.

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