Pool Remodeling Basics: What You Should Know

pool remodeling basicsPool remodeling is a major construction project and can be a very costly one. So, it’s important to know some key facts about pool remodeling before jumping in with both feet. Before you can cool off during those hot summer days or laze about along the glimmering water, pool remodeling takes a good deal of commitment. It certainly won’t be done overnight.

The good news is, after a pool remodeling job has been completed, it will make your inground amenity look entirely new again. And the majority of pools have a limited plaster coating shelf life.

But the plaster coating isn’t the only material that can wear to lead to a pool remodeling. There are other elements which can warrant pool remodeling. Pools are endure a lot of stress, which comes in many forms. The weather elements are one thing that can affect a pool, particularly the water quality, as rainwater is harmful to a pool. (more…)

How to Do Pool Patio Refinishing Prep

how to restore a pool patioHere in Sarasota, and across the Sunshine State peninsula, swimming pools are quite common, creature-comfort home amenities. The balmy, warm, subtropical like climate suits this recreation feature perfectly, and, because there’s an abundance of sunshine and hot days, pools can be used most of the calendar year.

Swimming pools are generally works of art. These not only are a great source of cool enjoyment, but also, help to complement the landscaping, and, the home itself. Designed in a variety of materials, shapes, and colors, pools can be simple or exotic. What’s more, these can be customized to accommodate almost any yard, and, nearly regardless of its configuration.

Though a pool is a welcome escape from the heat and makes an ideal place to relax and entertain, the surrounding patio will endure a lot of wear and tear. This is due not only to the heat and sunlight, but also, inclement weather, and normal use. Eventually, there are unmistakable signs a pool patio is ready to be refinished. (more…)

Ways to Reduce Swimming Pool Water Loss

ways to reduce pool water wasteOne of the single most confounding problems homeowners face with their pools is water loss. Often times, this is due to a leak, one which might be small enough to evade detection. It could be hidden in a place that’s not easily accessible, like at the base of the steps inside the pool, even around a submerged, interior light, or, somewhere else that’s difficult to see.

More often that not, swimming pool water loss is due to evaporation. While this is completely normal, it can be more than just a natural phenomenon. Water evaporation is inevitable, and here in the Sunshine State, particularly along the coast of Sarasota, summer temperatures can easily rise into the mid 90’s. That amount of sun is enough to zap a pool of some water. As the months go by, water levels might begin to drop enough to be noticeable.

You might not think this to be a big deal, but water waste will always cost you in the end. It could be as simple as having to top-off your swimming pool, or, it could mean having it completely drained and professionally repaired. Even if it doesn’t seem that your pool is losing water, it likely is, and there are steps you can take in order to minimize waste. (more…)

When should I Add Pool Shock?

shock a poolWe’ve just looked at basic saltwater pool maintenance. Now, it’s that time of year again. Here in beautiful, sunny Sarasota, swimming season is definitely upon us, with temperatures reaching into the mid 80’s and the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay warming nicely. We can round up some good eats and icy cold beverages, head out to the white sands and watch the sunset over the horizon. For those who have a swimming pool right in their backyard, it’s time to break out the grilling utensils and get the pool ready for family and guests.

This might be the year you install or upgrade an outdoor kitchen, complete with plenty of landing and working space, as well as all the conveniences of appliances and storage space. It’s also time to get the pool ready for a cool and relaxing retreat. There’s nothing like taking a dip and floating about on those warm, balmy days that we all know so well here in on the west coast of Florida. Getting your pool ready for use includes checking the equipment, including the pump and heater, even if you’re not going to be using it for the next several months.

Your pool has likely been dormant for many months and you’ve wrestled with those pesky leaves and all that pollen that’s fallen recently. What’s more, there’s more organic and chemical waste that’s been permeating in your swimming pool water, from pet waste, rainfall, and pesticides, as well as herbicides. Bugs, twigs, leaves, and all kinds of stuff falls or runs into your pool and even if you’ve been diligent in skimming the water, there’s still a lot more stuff at the bottom you don’t necessarily see. (more…)

Basic Saltwater Pool Maintenance

basic saltwater pool maintenanceContrary to popular belief, saltwater pools do contain chlorine, unlike the widespread misconception purports. Suburban swimming pools have remained largely the same for decades, using nearly the same systems to keep them safe and comfortable for aquatic enjoyment. Pools were traditionally quite big, taking-up much of a backyard, but, over the last several years, the rise in popularity of saltwater pools continues to grow. These fixtures are generally smaller in size, but can be more aesthetically pleasing, and, are more healthy for skin.

What’s more, saltwater pools, though containing chlorine, do use less chemicals than traditional swimming pools, have a lower cost of upkeep, and only need minimal maintenance. That however, does not mean any maintenance, as saltwater pools do need care just like regular pools, and also like regular, or chlorinated pools, still need attention even during the months you aren’t swimming on a daily basis like you do in the summer. (more…)

Beautiful Pool Hardscaping Tips You can Use

Owning a home with an inground swimming pool is one great amenity. It’s not only perfect for escaping the warm summers here in Sarasota, but also to entertain family and friends most of the year. Strategically placed lighting can make an outdoor space come alive during the evening hours, adding substantially to the ambiance and the aesthetics.

Maintaining the area around an inground pool can prove difficult. Keeping small stretches of grass neatly cut and hedges and bushes from encroaching is a constant challenge; and, mix in the ever present weeding, and it loses some of its glamour. Tired of the toll of maintenance, you decide it’s high time to uproot the grass, and put in hardscaping. That little change will make a big impact on your quality of life and that’s a very welcome change.

What you don’t want to wind up doing to yourself is replacing your current set of problems with a slew of new problems. That would be nothing more than an exercise in futility and a one-way ticket to a constant reminder of landscaper’s remorse. (more…)

Ways to Heat a Pool

ways to heat a poolThough winter is still here in Sarasota, there’s going to be days when it’s too warm, not to be tempted by the lure of your pool. While the gulf temperature is still chilly, the abundance of outdoor recreation remains. And, you call still squeeze in some pool time, if the water is heated.

Many homeowners are concerned about the cost of installation, use, and maintenance. But like most improvements, it’s one that comes will a return on investment. When it comes time to sell, potential buyers will be impressed by your heated pool. This will place your property at the top of their lists.

There are different options for heating a pool. Which you choose really depends on your preferences.¬† (more…)

Pool Resurfacing Signs to Look For

pool resurfacingSwimming pools are very common home amenities here in the Sunshine State and there’s certainly no shortage of them around Sarasota. Pools are a great way to beat the summer heat. And, make a wonderful centerpiece around which to entertain. Swimming pools have a lot of value in their creature comfort, but can be costly features because of ongoing maintenance costs and period repairs. Pools can act as a selling feature, as well, however, they can be a deterrent if not in tiptop shape.

Pools are endure a lot of stress, which comes in many forms. The weather elements are one thing that can affect a pool, particularly the water quality, as rainwater is harmful to a pool. Swimming pools also collect a lot of debris, even when protected by a birdcage, pollen and insects being the principal containment. In addition to these, all pools are under constant stress, especially here in the state of Florida, because of the high water table. It’s known a hydrostatic pressure, which is an ever-present force pushing on the walls of a pool. This is why a pool that’s significantly empty can begin to crack, because the outside stress forces are so great.

Sooner or later, no matter how well you maintain your pool, you’ll have to resurface it. While this isn’t a welcome proposition, it certainly is necessary. If you don’t resurface your pool, the damage will certainly worsen and cost much more to repair. The longer you wait, the more it will cost and the longer you’ll be without that cool water environment. (more…)

Preparing a Pool for Strong Fall Storms

strong fall stormsPreparing a pool for fall is a necessary task in the Sunshine State, though the temperatures remain quite warm, the rain will continue. It’s a familiar trend that happens every year; and, for residents in coastal retreats, like Sarasota, it’s not only the inconvenience of having to dodge morning drizzles, daytime sun showers, and evening downpours, it’s also being prepared for the remainder of hurricane season. Running from the first day of June right through the last day of November, it’s the months between September and December when tropical activity is at its height.

Even if your pool is strategically protected from falling leaves and debris by a birdcage, that doesn’t protect it from rain flooding. For homeowners with completely exposed pools, you already know your old, trusty pool leaf skimmer will be put to good use over the next several weeks.

With peak storm season now upon us, leaves and other common debris won’t be your only concern. Heavy rains, tropical storms, and even Category 1 hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to your home, your landscaping, and, to your pool. Getting ready now will save you time and money later. (more…)

Five Benefits of a Pool Cabana

pool cabanaA pool cabana isn’t just for luxury hotels anymore; these once backyard storage structures have become more popular in residential homes because they offer several features. Now, homeowners can choose from a wide variety of pool houses. There are many different shapes, sizes, and styles from which to choose. Best of all, there are a lot of price points, so it’s entirely possible to get a lot for very little.

If you’re home has a pool, then you already know how great it is to take a dip to beat the heat. What you also know is how much work it can be entertaining guests. A pool party is fun for everyone, it’s just all the traffic going in and out of your house that makes a real mess. Wet feet track in a lot and the frequent trips back and forth from the kitchen create a bottleneck. Aside from the parties, there’s always a need to store all that stuff that comes with owning a pool. The maintenance equipment, toys, and games take up space. (more…)

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