Green Environment Health Benefits

green environment health benefitsLiving in a green environment has more than aesthetic benefits. Besides being nice to look at and creating an oasis to enjoy, it also has scientifically proven health benefits. Studies conducted by government agencies and universities as well as private institutions, have found that people who live in a green or natural environment fare far better in their personal health than those who live in urban settings.

And anyone who’s lived in the concrete jungle can anecdotally attest to the fact that big city life is a stress-filled life, from the moment the alarm clocks chimes to the end of the day, restlessly tossing and turning until exhaustion overcomes and a few hours of sleep are all that’s gained.

Horns, lights, street noise, traffic congestion and pollution permeate the air, choking out practically all glimpses of nature. The result is higher levels of stress, increased blood pressure, more people with anxiety and other physical and psychological diseases and disorders. (more…)

Avoid these 5 Messy Trees in Your Yard

eastern-white-pineThe five messiest trees to avoid in your yard will save you a lot of time and frustration (that is, if you opt for alternatives). Previously, we’ve explored some great landscaping tips specifically for Florida homeowners and this will cover some of the worst offenders. Pitch, leaves, foul odors, and more offensive and messy characteristics are something you should avoid in your landscape. And, there’s plenty of reasons why. (more…)

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