Sarasota Landscape Light Installation

Sarasota Landscape Light Installation

Residential & Commercial Landscape Lighting Services

Strategic, elegant landscape lighting will take your enjoyment of Sarasota nights through the late hours. If you’re looking for a Sarasota landscape lighting service, look no further than The Berryman Design Group! Call us today at (941) 921-2500 for a FREE QUOTE!!

Sarasota Outdoor Light InstallationAs a homeowner you are most likely busy away from home during the day. As a consequence, the primary hours you are able to enjoy your home is in the evenings and on weekends.

One way to maximize the enjoyment of your hours at home is to transform the dark areas of your property into a light fantasy with outdoor lighting, allowing the beauty of your garden to show. With the right design, landscape lighting can add ambiance to your landscape by painting beauty on your landscape, pathways, pools, and fountains.

A well placed landscape design should add beauty and safety as well, by lighting pathways and any hazardous areas.

Considerations for outdoor lighting is the shape, size, type and wattage of the lights, mou

nting them to protect your trees and plants and promote further growth, and concealment of any wiring and junction boxes.

What you can expect from an outdoor lighting designer:

  • A meeting to discuss the master plan for your property.
  • A site plan is then developed illustrating your structures, flower beds, trees, and any electrical requirements you may have.
  • A formal plan is then drawn up, indicating placement of your lighting fixtures.
  • A proposal will be presented, broken down into phases of the design.
  • The landscape lighting installation commences.

Commercial Outdoor Light Installation in Sarasota

Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation

The standard reason for commercial outdoor lighting is to strategically place lighting for the safety of the occupants of your building when they are leaving the premises after dark.

While the main purpose of commercial outdoor lighting is for illumination, commercial outdoor light fixtures can be functional and decorative at the same time. This is achieved through strategic placement of suitable commercial outdoor light around the premises of your commercial structure.

For example, try placing the lighting on the ground and direct it upwards to illuminate the building and surrounding areas. Trees and statues can be illuminated in a similar way, which creates more aesthetic appeal while serving the primary safety purposes.

Commercial outdoor lighting is available in decorative designs. Lamp posts, path lights, sign lights, and bollards come in a variety of attractive designs, with intricate carvings, etched motifs and beveled edges.

Whether you are considering residential or commercial outdoor lighting in Sarasota or the surrounding areas, with the proper design and installation the results will be spectacular! Call us today at 941.923-0333.

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