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Sarasota Painting ServiceThe Berryman Design Group, LLC is a fully insured, professional residential and commercial painting contractor. We serve all of Florida and many other states. Our services include interior and exterior painting, staining, wallpaper removal, and much more. We offer free estimates for both interior and exterior projects and stand behind our work with a written guarantee.

EXPERIENCE: Each of our employees has an average of 20 years experience. Their combined painting practice forms more than half a century’s worth of painting skills. They also have training and background in painting and home improvement. Experience makes a difference, a big difference.

INSURANCE: We recognize the value in a peace of mind. In the unfortunate event of an on-site accident, damages up to $1,000,000 are covered under our general liability insurance policy. A peace of mind makes a difference, a big difference.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: Your safety and security, as well as that of our employees are of utmost important to us. That’s why we require our employees to adhere to rigorous safety and security standards to offer you a peace of mind including:

  • Respecting your privacy and only entering the premises to be painted
  • Daily clean-ups and removal of dangerous tools from the job site
  • Crew training in safe use of products and painting equipment

To schedule a FREE, no-obligation estimate for your project, please contact “Chris the Painter” at our painting division by calling (941) 888-0058!

To schedule a FREE, no-obligation estimate for your project, please contact “Chris the Painter” at our painting division at 941.888.0058.


Sarasota Painting ContractorCLEANLINESS: We excel in keeping the job site organized and clean. There are clean-ups at the end of every workday and a major clean up at the end of the project. This ensures that the only things you’re left with after the job is done are your newly painted beautiful walls to enjoy. Letting you savor in the feeling of the just-completed project makes a difference, a big difference.

TIMELINESS: We recognize the importance of your time. We are committed to completing your painting job within the mutually established time frame. We strive to keep all of our appointments and meetings with our customers, from the time we provide you with a free job estimate to the completion of the project. Respecting and valuing our customer’s time makes a difference, a big difference.

ON BUDGET: We recognize the great value in budgeting. That’s why our estimate sheet shows exactly how your money is spent. This way, you can choose exactly what you want painted without going over your budget limit.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: OUR COMPANY PRIDES ITSELF ON THE SERVICE WE PROVIDE TO OUR CUSTOMER. It is our philosophy to always put you, the customer, first. To achieve this, we will provide a professional quality service, which keeps our customers returning to us for their future painting needs.

QUALITY: The Berryman Design Group, LLC always puts quality and customer service first. Our painting team of professional and skilled craftsmen is dedicated to making you satisfied with any of your painting projects. We know every customer has different needs and no two projects are exactly the same. Our first consultation with a customer focuses on listening to what they want to accomplish, and in subsequent meetings we provide solutions to meet their needs, as well as an accurate start and finish date and firm pricing.

To schedule a FREE, no-obligation estimate for your project, please contact us:
Dave 248.802.4867 or Chris 248.390.0673

Commercial Painting Contractors – Sarasota FL

The Berryman Design Group, LLC can make your property look great with minimal disruptions to your customers, tenants, or business operations. We provide professional commercial painting services for the entire state of Michigan and can offer services in other states. Utilizing the latest technology and highly skilled commercial painting professionals, we service the following commercial sectors:

  1. Contractors and Home Builders
  2. Property Managers
  3. Office Space
  4. Store and Retail Space
  5. Industrial and Plant Space
  6. Real Estate Agents

Commercial Painting Services in Sarasota

Contractors & Builders

  • New Construction
  • Model Homes
  • Multi-Unit Complexes
  • Condos
  • Office buildings
  • Educational facilities
  • Senior Living Centers
  • Sub-Contracting


  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Schools & Libraries
  • Nurseries and Daycare
  • Churches
  • Cafeterias and Lunchrooms
  • Commercial buildings
  • Government Buildings

Retail & Show Space

  • Malls & Stores
  • Company Stores
  • Multi-Unit Complexes
  • Condos
  • Office buildings
  • Educational facilities
  • Senior Living Centers
  • Sub-Contracting


  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Schools & Libraries
  • Nurseries and Daycare
  • Churches
  • Cafeterias and Lunchrooms
  • Commercial buildings
  • Government Buildings


Industrial & Other

  • Warehouses
  • Epoxy Floor Covering
  • Basement Painting Solutions
  • Food Service
  • Elevator Doors
  • Corporate Offices
  • Conference Rooms
  • Art Galleries and Exhibit Halls

Reasons to Choose Our Sarasota Commercial Painting Services:

  • TIMELY: We realize the importance of getting a project completed on time. That is why we adhere to tight schedules and provide progress reports to each of our customers.
  • FLEXIBLE: We offer flexible, after-hours scheduling, allowing us to complete the job with minimal downtime to your business during renovations.
  • QUALITY CONTROL: Each project has a superintendent ensuring daily quality checks. All of our painting work is guaranteed for five years.
  • EXPERTISE: Our expertise painting services allow you to maintain a clean and professional image and maintain the perceived rental or resale value of your property.

Residential Interior Painting Services – Sarasota FL

As for most homeowners, your home is your biggest investment. Whether you just want to freshen up a single room in your home, or change the look of the entire house, at The Berryman Design Group, LLC we pride ourselves on paying close attention to your home’s interior painting needs. Our painting crew is skilled in surface preparation, selection of the proper surface finishes, as well as the application of the selected coatings. The project is not complete until a thorough clean up is performed and the job passes full inspection by The Berryman Design Group, LLC and the homeowner.

The Painting Process

At The Berryman Design Group, LLC, we follow a step-by-step process for every interior project in order to ensure that surfaces are properly prepared before the start of any painting job as well as to protect any of your valuables and areas of your home that are not being painted.

1. Property Protection

The painting process begins before anything is applied to the walls. All of the heavy room furniture is moved to the center of the room and covered with plastic drapes. The flooring is covered with paint-proof drop cloths. Other valuables are covered or moved out of the way.

2. Preparation Work

Major cracks and holes in ceilings, walls, and trim are filled. If necessary, caulk is applied. The walls are sanded with poll-sanders to remove scuffs and bumps. The repaired areas on the walls and ceilings are primed and stains are double-primed.

3. Painting

The ready-to-paint walls, ceilings, and trim are painted with high-quality paint to achieve an even paint finish.

4. Clean Up

Tool and equipment is removed. The floors and furniture are uncovered. Floors are swept and vacuumed. The furniture is placed back in its original position.

5. Inspection

Together with the homeowner, the finished job is inspected.

The Painting Services

Our interior painting services include:

1. Walls and Ceilings

Walls and ceilings are first prepared by patching up any holes or cracks and sanded to a smooth finish. Pre-paint primer is applied once to the entire surface and twice where needed. Premium quality paint is then applied for a uniform finish.

3. Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are sanded, caulked, and have any cracks and holes filled. The repaired areas are then primed. For a smooth finish, paint of the owners’ choosing is applied.

4. Baseboard, Crown, and Other Trim Moldings

All trim is sanded, caulked, and primed before the application of the finish coat(s).

5. Other Surfaces and Services at Owner’s Request

All surfaces receive a thorough preparation which includes: sanding, caulking, priming, and minor carpentry work. The finial coat(s) is applied using paint of the owners’ choosing. Surfaces, finishes include:

    • Minor ceiling repair/painting
    • Wood paneling
    • Vaulted ceilings
    • 2-story entries
    • Wallpaper removal
    • Cabinet sanding and painting
    • Garages
    • Trim, doors and window sills painting
    • Kitchen cabinets renovation and painting
    • Stairs staining
    • Cabinets, doors and trim staining
    • Drywall installation and/or repair

Need a Designer, Landscaper, & Builder All In One?

If you’re looking for landscaping, design, maintenance or home building & renovation services, we serve the following Florida communities: Bradenton, Casey Key, Clearwater, Lakewood Ranch, Lido Key, Longboat Key, Nokomis, Osprey, Sarasota, Siesta Key, St. Petersburg, & Venice.