Sarasota Outdoor Walkway Installation

Sarasota Walkway Installation

Walkway Design & Installation

Walkway Design & Installation Sarasota FLWhen you consider a walkway on your property, there are aspects of the design to consider. First, what is the walkway being used for? If you have a boat you may want your walkway to extend to your dock designed and built with landscaping that provides beautiful scenery along the way.

If you want your walkway to go through your grounds, you may want to go with a more natural landscape design that includes the occasional bench.

The geometry of your walkway can be straight or curved. This will be determined by the locations of the areas the walk will placed between. Curves have a more natural and wandering feeling, where straight paths have that directness. The width of the walk can create interest, as well as the choice of landscaping of course.

Whether you choose concrete with brick accents, or stepping stones, the selection of surrounding plants and flowers are a critical consideration as well as your walkway should blend with any structures nearby.

Outdoor Steps

Outdoor steps can be designed and built in an array of different looks and styles.

Brick risers are commonly used with treads to match. There are also brick risers or bluestone treads. Treads can be one piece or cut into pieces depending on the size.

Garden stones or steppers are large irregular pieces of bluestone and combine very well with brick, giving you a very visually pleasing outcome.

Blue stone walkways or patios also go very well with the bluestone steppers.

Landscaping Step Considerations for Paver Patios and Walkways

This landscape design combination should be designed and built by a professional landscape architect because there are so many variables. It takes a pro to mesh this combination into a thing of beauty.

For instance, some of the materials include:

  • Bullnose Pavers
  • Cobbled Pavers
  • Versa-Lok Mosaics

And the material and color combinations have to be on the mark.

Another area you can use landscaping steps is in an area of your lawn where you have to step down, and this can be maximized with the perfect steps and just the right plant and flower choices adding another component in your inspiring landscaping.

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