Sarasota Outdoor Kitchen Contractor

Sarasota Outdoor Kitchen Contractor

Sarasota Outdoor Kitchen Contractor

Sarasota Outdoor Kitchen InstallationWhen living in a warm tropical environment like Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast, why not take advantage of the pleasant warm weather climate we’re lucky enough to experience all year long by install a gorgeous new outdoor kitchen? As a premier custom kitchen builder in Sarasota, our team will both design and install the perfect outdoor kitchen for your Sarasota home that fits all your specific needs and wants. For additional information about our custom outdoor kitchen build-out services, call us today at (941) 921-2500 for a FREE QUOTE!!

Things to consider when designing the perfect outdoor kitchen at your Sarasota home

Since we’re lucky enough to live in the warm tropical climate of South Florida, an outdoor kitchen is an essential part of any backyard. Whether you’re somebody who just enjoys grilling every now and then or somebody who loves entertaining family and friends on a regular basis, installing an outdoor kitchen at your Sarasota home is the first step to becoming a true Floridian. But with all that said, just what exactly goes into installing the perfect outdoor kitchen? We’ll break it down for you below…

Are you interested in having an outdoor kitchen installed at your Sarasota area home? As a premier Sarasota outdoor kitchen contractor, we’ll not only design and build out your dream outdoor kitchen, but we’ll help guide you through every step of the entire process. To get started, all you have to do is schedule a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION phone call or consultation so we can discuss all your needs and wants in the perfect outdoor kitchen that fits YOUR budget! The Berryman Design Group can be reached at 941.923.0333 so give us a call at your earliest convenience!

Focus on the grill

As you might expect, the centerpiece to any outdoor kitchen is always the grill. A proper workspace and functional design largely depends on the perfect grill placement, which can’t be overstated when it comes to planning the perfect outdoor kitchen. The type of grill you prefer will also dictate the style and design of your outdoor kitchen, not to mention the overall cost. A high-end gas grill will typically be the most expensive option to consider, especially if you plan to run a gas line directly to it. But despite the cost, a gas grill also tends to be the most flexible option to consider as well. Open flame grills or a traditional coal grill should always be out in the open and have plenty of space around it to avoid potential fire hazards, which will often impact where to install the rest of your new outdoor kitchen.

How much storage space do you need?

As with any kitchen, you’ll probably want some additional storage and counter space, which you can blend all into one extra component. Just like your stove inside, surrounding your grill with counters and cabinets will certainly add convenience to your outdoor kitchen setup, not to mention give it a much more high-end look as well.

Do you need a sink?

Although not entirely necessary, some home owners prefer to have a sink installed in their outdoor kitchen, which can come in handy when its time to wash your hands or clean-up after a long day of barbecuing. But despite the convenience it adds, you’ll also have to install a water line if a sink is something you want to incorporate into the design, so keep that in mind when drawing up plans for your dream outdoor kitchen!

Need a Designer, Landscaper, & Builder All In One?

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