10 Ways to Customize a Wood Deck

There are several ways to customize a wood deck and most of these improvements are quite inexpensive. If your home needs some pizzazz, you can refresh it by restaining your wood deck and adding some nice, useful features. With a little bit of effort and some imagination, your outdoor living space will transform into an enviable oasis.

If you want to improve your deck simply and quickly, there are plenty of options. Before you get started, take time to clear it off and then give it a good cleaning. Just use soap and water with a long handle scrub brush to brush away the grime and surface debris. After it dries, make any necessary repairs, like replacing worn planks, filling in holes, and replacing missing fasteners.

A deck is a great way to add low-cost living area. A professionally installed deck costs about $25 to $35 per square foot, compared to the $100 to $200 (and up) per square foot cost of an enclosed addition. You can ensure you’re getting the most from this smart investment with low-cost add-ons and special features that increase your deck’s appeal, and that will make your deck one of your home’s most enjoyable living spaces. –House Logic.com

Now your deck is clean and clear, it’s easier to reimagine its look and function. The sky’s the limit when it comes to these types of home improvement projects and you’ll have a plethora of choices. But don’t get overwhelmed. Think about how you currently use it, how you want to repurpose its use, or blend old with new. If you don’t know where to begin, here are ten ways to customize a wood deck you can use as inspiration:

  1. Stain or paint it. For nearly instant transformation, stain or paint your deck. Choose a color complementary to your home and landscape. If you want bold, go for it and paint “tiles,” by choosing two colors and painting squares around the floor. Another option is to pick to shades of stain and alternate.
  2. Add creature comforts. A few chairs, a couch, and some pillows give it a homey feel while adding color and style. If you already have furniture, consider swapping it out or purchasing new covers for it to give it a new lease on life. Add an ottoman or two or more for dual use as foot rests and convenience tables.
  3. Erect a pergola. A fancy upgrade is erecting a pergola. This works well in a corner or over the entry/exit of your home. Place furniture or a seating table underneath and give it more aesthetics with rambling vines sprawling over the top.
  4. Add lighting. Install deck lighting to provide decorative illumination that will look great after the sun goes down. Deck lighting also provides the ability to use your deck during the evening hours and adds beauty to your home’s exterior.
  5. Install a privacy lattice. A privacy lattice is a great way to create a visual boundary that also serves as an aesthetic feature. You can stain or paint it to match or as a complementary color scheme for your outdoor space and landscape design elements.
  6. Build a wrap-around bench. A great way to add both function and style is to build a wrap-around bench. This feature provides family and guests a place to relax and can also be painted or stained with a complementary color scheme for your home’s exterior and/or landscape design elements.
  7. Put-up a green privacy wall. Put-up a lattice lined with colorful plants to create a green privacy wall. This provides a stunning visual boundary and can incorporate your landscape design features in the rest of your yard.
  8. Hang planter boxes. A very easy to install feature are planter boxes. Hang these from the rail of your deck on one or both sides, spacing them evenly apart. Plant simple to care for flowers with plenty of color to create great accent pieces.
  9. Set-up a long dining table. If you have the room to accommodate a long dining table, go for it and use it as a centerpiece. When you entertain guests, put out your best dinnerware, complete with a tablecloth for a sophisticated look; or, go come as you are casual with a picnic setup.
  10. Install an entertainment system. To provide entertainment to you family and guests, install a television and sound system. A sound system alone works best because it provides background and creates a mood to experience and enjoy without monopolizing people’s attention.

If it’s time to improve your home with a new deck or to refurbish an existing deck, contact us. We are a full-service, professional landscape design company and serve all of Sarasota, including near Bayfront Drive, around Rolling Green Golf Club, along Longboat Club Road, and elsewhere.

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