6 Most Popular Landscaping Trends for 2017

The National Association of Landscape Professionals recently released its list of top residential trends. “Savvy homeowners are seeking smart landscape solutions, which means we’re finding new ways to adapt to environmental elements, making continued advances in technology and taking outdoor living to the next level,” explains Missy Henriksen, Vice President of the NALP.

Simultaneously, there’s a return to more simple planting. Color remains popular because of its beauty. And, homeowners still love eye-catching landscaping but aren’t particularly keen about performing a lot of maintenance to keep in looking great. That’s where technology comes into play. Just as inside the home, smart technology is becoming more ubiquitous, so too is it beginning to take hold with outdoor living spaces. Therefore, designing the best outdoor kitchen includes a step-up from tradition.

6 Most Popular Landscaping Trends for 2017

In today’s environment, there are a few phrases which dominate residential landscaping: smart technology, thoughtful but simplistic design, and sustainability. Homeowners are looking to incorporate technology into their outdoor living space so it’s easier to maintain. Additionally, homeowners still relish professional looking but simple designs. And, sustainability is likewise popular because it reduces the need for precious resources.

Dubbed the slowest of the performing arts, gardening can seem trend proof. After all, you can’t hurry an oak’s progress from acorn to shade tree, and making a garden isn’t like buying a new throw rug for your home but rather stitching a few glimmering threads of your own into nature’s rich tapestry. And yet tastes do change in gardening, as your once-obsessed African violet-growing parents or grandparents could tell you. Those who work with the buying public are especially attuned to what’s hot and what’s not. —Garden Design

For instance, drought tolerant plants for landscapes are a great way to promote sustainability. This helps to maintain soil quality, reduces soil degradation and erosion, and saves water. With a sustainable landscape, your yard becomes more welcoming to a variety of organisms, which increases biodiversity. Moreover, sustainable landscapes require less resources, using less energy, which provides you as a homeowner with more long-term savings. So, here are the six most popular landscaping trends for 2017:

  • Variety of greenery. An ongoing trend is to use a variety of greenery in residential landscape designs. It’s the time-tested concept of adding different colors, shades, shapes and more to create eye-catching landscapes. But, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Landscapes can still be simple and sport a variety of eye-pleasing elements. Creating a rainbow effect is one popular landscaping trend for 2017.
  • Incorporating “hygge.” Unfamiliar to most people is this Danish concept of “hygge.” Translated, it simply means “fun.” But, that’s a bit misleading. It’s actually the creation of close-knit spaces, where homeowners, families, and guests alike can have intimate and relaxed conversations. By planting aromatic flowers, installing comfortable seating, adding water features, and more, people will truly enjoy an outdoor living space.
  • High-tech outdoor kitchens. The popularity of the outdoor kitchen continues to rise and it’s something that goes beyond just a grill with a small seating area. Now, homeowners are adding smart technologies, LED lighting, high-tech refrigerators, televisions, WiFi boosters, and more. Additionally, plenty of prep, work, and serving space is part of a growing trend for many homeowners, particularly in mild-winter climates, like Florida.
  • Infusing hardscape features. Waterfalls, pebbles, walkways, pergolas, and more hardscape features are rising in popularity. Decks, patios, and fire pits, are also very popular hardscape features for residential outdoor living spaces. The contrast and function these provide are great for more enjoyment options.
  • Installing pollinator gardens. Butterflies, hummingbirds, and honeybees are likewise seeing an increase in popularity. “More homeowners are asking landscape professionals how to select native plantings that are abundant, year-round nectar sources throughout their yards, and the best ways to maintain these natural havens,” the National Association of Landscape Professionals notes.
  • Creating beautiful, smart lawns. Advancements in cultivars, which are cultivated grass varieties, are a form of smart grass. So, exactly why would landscape professionals develop cultivar smart grass? Well, it’s because it provides a more hardy variety of grass that’s able to withstand normal weather patterns and even inclement weather events. But, it remains lush and beautiful, making it highly desirable. Cultivars offer a great looking lawn with less maintenance over time.

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