Green Environment Health Benefits

Living in a green environment has more than aesthetic benefits. Besides being nice to look at and creating an oasis to enjoy, it also has scientifically proven health benefits. Studies conducted by government agencies and universities as well as private institutions, have found that people who live in a green or natural environment fare far better in their personal health than those who live in urban settings.

And anyone who’s lived in the concrete jungle can anecdotally attest to the fact that big city life is a stress-filled life, from the moment the alarm clocks chimes to the end of the day, restlessly tossing and turning until exhaustion overcomes and a few hours of sleep are all that’s gained.

Horns, lights, street noise, traffic congestion and pollution permeate the air, choking out practically all glimpses of nature. The result is higher levels of stress, increased blood pressure, more people with anxiety and other physical and psychological diseases and disorders.

Why Natural Settings provide Green Environment Health Benefits

Aside from the obvious, like less stress, there are other benefits of living in a green or natural setting. It’s what landscape architecture is all about. Here along the west coast of the east coast of North America, the sand, sun and surf that is Sarasota can be just as busy as life in a metropolitan behemoth. Striking a balance is key to living a better life and a natural environment helps to promote a more healthy lifestyle.

…greener environments also enhance recovery from surgery, enable and support higher levels of physical activity, improve immune system functioning, and help diabetics achieve healthier blood glucose levels. By contrast less access to nature is linked to exacerbated attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms, higher rates of anxiety disorders, and higher rates of clinical depression. —UK Daily Mail

The natural world fits nicely into our internal clocks and appeals to our very essence because of our kinship with nature. And while we need modern technology to live better, more productive lives, we likewise need the chance to unwind and take in natural beauty to relieve the stress and be able to put away–at least temporarily–the technological advances which consume our daily lives.

Incorporating Natural Elements into Your Home

To take advantage of what science clearly shows, you’ve got to transform your ordinary, dull outdoor space into a place of tranquility, into a green environment that gently lulls you and anyone who visits into a relaxed state. By including some key features, you can make your yard into a veritable oasis of natural good will and beauty that will not only be a place of refuge, but up your home’s value. And those two reasons are more than enough to take on the challenge of remaking your outdoor space.

  • Give your backyard multiple functions. The largest mistake many amateurs makes when updating their space is becoming myopic. They focus too much on one aspect only to learn after it’s too late there’s no much else to the area. Divide it into different activity zones. A place to kick-back, a place to entertain, and a place to cook out.
  • Make the space really useful. Speaking of cooking out, why not add an outdoor kitchen. Take the modern conveniences outside so you don’t have to tramp in and out of the house, wasting the air conditioning or letting the cold inside. Take the opportunity to decorate your outdoor kitchen with a natural theme like a country kitchen or tropical eatery.
  • Think seclusion when you build. The whole point of being outdoors is to connect with nature. It’s also to be able to get a little privacy and solitude. So be sure to make that an important part of your outdoor living space. Lattice, pergolas, and garden walls work well.

And if you have trouble envisioning how you’re yard will look or don’t know quite where to start, then contact the best Sarasota landscape artist on the west coast. We’ll be able to create an outdoor living space that helps you to reconnect with nature and be a great place to entertain and unwind.

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