How to Prep Pinewood Lumber to Use as Decking

Pinewood lumber can be used for many applications. After pine is cut, the wood can be assembled into a piece of furniture, made into a derby car, fabricated into another form, or be used as decking. However, it must be painted, varnished or lacquered to preserve the finish to keep from rotting. Regardless of the final product, pinewood is susceptible to not only rot but to stains and other markings. Sealing pinewood and drying it properly will protect it. Although pine can be purchased pre-treated, some adventurous do-it-yourself types enjoy prepping the wood.

Pinewood Deck Benefits

Like any other material, there are different ways to customize a wood deck to really make it your own. Homeowners have many choices when it comes to deck materials, such as redwood and composite. But pinewood is also a great choice because of the benefits it offers. Unlike other types of wood, pine is significantly less expensive due to its ubiquity. It’s also easy to maintain, when properly treated. This is why so many homeowners choose pressurized, pre-treated pinewood. True treated pine can last between 10 and 15 years, with minimal maintenance.

For many reasons like durability, low-cost and safety, treated pine decking is becoming more and more popular. The attempt to make decks long-lasting, economical and safer lead to the evolution of the science behind treated pine. Many people might prefer redwood or cedar for their deck but using treated pine you can have the same benefits or even more, and it is a lot cheaper than the other options. —Do It

Pine also boasts a rustic aesthetic, with its many knots and rough edges. What’s more, pine is very eco-friendly. Even when treated, pine doesn’t pollute and can safely be burned at the end of its lifespan. A huge advantage pine has over other types of wood is its ability to absorb less heat and remains cool. That alone is a great combination to have during those long hot, summer days in Florida. Besides, installing a deck is just one of many fall landscaping ideas.

How to Prep Pinewood Lumber to Use as Decking

It is best to purchase pre-treated pine lumber for your deck but you can prep the wood on your own, if you like. The advantage of buying pre-treated is the wood is pressurized, maximizing the treatment applications, causing the lumber to last longer, even under heavy use conditions. But, you can prep it yourself by doing the following:

  • Place all the pine in one room. Choose a room or space that is dry and dust free as possible. You can use a garage, shed or another type of climate controlled space. It’s got to be free of floating debris and well-ventilated.
  • Begin to prep the pine lumber. Lay newspaper out over a table, then set the pinewood lumber or assembly on the newspaper. Leave the paint, lacquer or varnish to dry on the bare pinewood. Do not attach any metal or plastic hardware at this juncture or you may smudge the finish.
  • Apply paint, varnish, or lacquer. Consult the label on the paint, varnish or lacquer for the manufacturer’s suggested drying time. Be sure to apply two to three coats, allowing each ample time to dry.
  • Wait until the treatment dries completely. Set a timer to go off for the appropriate time — this may be as little as 30 minutes or as long as 48 hours. Do not rush the process or it won’t result in a lasting deck board product.
  • Test the pine lumber to ensure it’s ready to-go. Gently touch the pinewood with the tip of one finger after the timer has sounded. If it is tacky, allow to dry longer and check periodically until the finish dries completely.
  • Build your base and install the pinewood over it. Once the pinewood is treated, you can then build the deck base, using whatever material you prefer. It’s usually best to go with wood but you can also use other types of materials. When the base is complete, you can install the pine on top of it to finish.

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