Landscape Pond Pump Troubleshooting

Your landscape pond is the focal point of your backyard. It provides beauty and serves as a place to relax. But, it does require regular routine maintenance to keep it working properly. If you love your backyard pond, you’ll do what it takes to keep it looking great.

In fact, one of the largest factors which contribute to pump failure is due to irregular maintenance. Without regular care, like any other machine, it will begin to fail and eventually stop working or barely function. Fortunately, just like the most common sprinkler system problems, there are ways to troubleshoot a pond pump.

Landscape Pond Pump Troubleshooting

A few weeks ago, we looked into how to troubleshoot a pool pump. And, this is much the same thing. That means you don’t have to be a professional pool installer, a licensed contractor, an electrician or an experienced plumber. But you will have to get a little dirty and the process will require quite a bit of patience. Some problems are readily identifiable, while others are more subtle and difficult to decipher.

Replacing a pond pump can prove to be expensive, so it’s always worth considering an extensive check to see if you can service or repair your faulty pump. One of the biggest factors in pump failure is irregular maintenance. But you can check for several different specific problems if your pond pump isn’t working effectively. —Do It

The pond pump is literally the heart of the water feature. It’s what supplies water to the pond, providing a relaxing, smooth rush of water over the rocks. Fish likewise depend on the pond pump to keep them supplied with fresh, oxygenated water and to assist in filtering bacteria out. The good news is, most pond pumps last for many years. But, sooner or later, a pond pump will fail and you’ll have to replace it. Even relatively new pond pumps fail or stop working properly. Whatever the case, you need to know how to do a little landscape pond pump troubleshooting:

  • Check the water supply. If the pond pump is no longer supplying water, there’s definitely a reason and it’s best to start with the simplest explanation. Check the water supply to the pond pump to ensure it’s on and supplying water. It might be that simple and easy to get the pump working again.
  • Check the power supply. Next, check the power supply to the pond pump. Although this is might seem all-too-obvious, it’s worth taking a moment to ensure the power is on to the pond pump. If a breaker is tripped into the neutral position, there’s a reason why. You can attempt to reset the breaker to see if it trips again. If it does, call in a professional for help.
  • Remove the pond pump. If there is power and water being supplied to the pond pump, but it doesn’t work, then remove it from the water. Turn off the power and water supplies first, then gently lift the pond pump out of the water. But do not take it out of the water by pulling on the power line. This puts undue strain on the electrical wires and connection. If you have difficulty removing the pump by hand, tie a rope around it to help lift it out of the water.
  • Clear the pump’s tubing. A common cause for a pond pump not working is clogged tubing. After you’ve taken the pond pump out of the water, remove the hose clamp with a screwdriver. Then, you can visually check to see if there’s any blockage. If the tubing is clogged, simply used compressed air or a garden hose to unclog it. Inspect the tubing for wear and tear. If it’s worn, just replace it with new tubing for better performance. Replace the hose clamp, as well, tighten it appropriately to reattach it to the pond pump.
  • Unblock the filters and impellers. Two other components which cause a pond pump to fail are blocked filters and impellers. These can be clogged quite easily but are simple to fix. Remove the filter and wash it thoroughly with a garden hose. Replace the filter if necessary. Also, check the impeller, a component which pulls water into the pump. If it’s in good condition, just coax it to turn gently. Wash it with a garden hose or replace the impeller if it’s damaged.

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