Simple Ways to Update Outdoor Living Spaces

While avoiding big landscaping mistakes will help to keep your yard from looking awkward, there are simple ways to update outdoor living spaces which add more flare and function. The trick is to infuse continuity into your outdoor living space so that it isn’t a total or weird mismatch from the interior. Moreover, your outdoor living space should provide creature comfort, while still offering ample traffic flow. With a few easy changes, you can transform an outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary in just a weekend or two.

Simple Ways to Update Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether you want to customize a wood deck or spruce up a patio space, there are plenty of choices at your disposal. Just be cautious about attempting to pound a square peg into a round hole. In other words, continuity is important. Just as important is function because ultimately, that’s what everything is about. For instance, it’s great to have an outdoor kitchen, complete with a high-end grill. Even better is comfortable seating for family and friends.

Is your outdoor living space in need of a makeover? Do you look at your patio and cringe every time you dream of inviting your friends over for a backyard barbecue? Whether you live in the city and have a small outdoor living space, or you live in the countryside and have a wide open meadow to work with, there are simple solutions for turning that drab outdoor area into a fabulous spot for your family and friends to enjoy. —

What isn’t great is arranging the furniture and grill in such a way the seating is constantly covered in smoke. Or seats which are located under direct sunlight. These two scenarios are examples of the design actually ruining itself. But, there are also many ways to improve your outdoor space. With a bit of inspiration and some light work, you’ll be able to create a wonderful area the whole family and your friends can enjoy. Here are some helpful tips about simple ways to update outdoor living spaces:

  • Add and upgrade lighting. One element too many homeowners often neglect is outdoor lighting. When the sun goes down, there’s always a need for more outside lighting. And, it’s not only about convenience and function, it’s also about adding beautiful elements to an outdoor living space.
  • Install fans and misting fans. Here in the Sunshine State, the outdoors gets quite toasty but you can provide some much appreciated relief simply by installing fans or misting fans. These are perfect when it’s warm outside and are also one of the most effective mosquito repellents.
  • Replace old outdoor furniture. There’s nothing more disheartening than old outdoor furniture. It looks sad, unsafe, and out-of-place. But this is one easy fix. Replace your old outdoor furniture for something that’s eye pleasing and comfortable.
  • Erect a pergola and lace with vines. A pergola is a great addition to practically any outdoor space. It can be enclosed with curtains, topped with a variety of materials, like vines, and also hold a fan with lighting. It’s open and airy, plus, it adds to the overall look of your outdoor space.
  • Hang curtains for shade and privacy. A pergola isn’t the only place to hang curtains. These can be hung in different areas of your outdoor space for shade and privacy. These too, can add much to the aesthetics of your yard and patio or deck.
  • Install a multi-use fire pit with seating. Another wonderful feature is a multi-use or multi-purpose fire pit. These are great for sitting around a fire on a chilly night, roasting marshmallows, cooking kabobs, and more. Plus, they can be covered when not in use to serve as a serving table or a board game table.
  • Put-in a mini bar with a beverage station. If you want to take your outdoor living space experience to a whole new level, install a mini bar with a beverage station. Glass holders, along with plenty of other accessories, a small refrigerator, and other essentials will provide a lot of convenience.
  • Lay down an area rug or a few of them around. For those wanting to keep costs low, outdoor area rugs are a terrific way to add install appeal to your outdoor living space, while helping to define spaces. These are not only inexpensive, they bring a sense of style and are easy to care for with periodic cleaning.

If it’s time to update your outdoor living space, landscape, or add more features, contact us. We are a full-service, professional landscape design company and serve all of Sarasota, including near Bayfront Drive, around Rolling Green Golf Club, along Longboat Club Road, and elsewhere.

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