Unexpected Landscape, Outdoor Living Improvement Costs

So, you’ve decided it is high time to really deck the halls or deck out your outdoor living space. You’re envisioning a new deck or patio, complete with an outdoor kitchen, plenty of comfortable lounging space, and a beautiful landscape to make it all pop. You’ve even gone so far as to calculate the cost of a new deckand found just the right outdoor furniture. But, there’s a lot more which you probably haven’t factored into your budget. Regardless, there are still unexpected landscape and outdoor living improvement costs which surprise many homeowners.

Unexpected Landscape, Outdoor Living Improvement Costs

There are a number simple ways to update an outdoor living space. Such as upgrading the lighting, installing fans and misters, replacing that outdated outdoor furniture, hanging curtains, installing a multi use fire pit, putting in a mini bar and laying down an area rug. None of these are terribly expensive but they do a whole lot to really enhance the look and function of your outdoor living space.

Think you know down to the penny what your remodeling project will cost? Not so fast. You may be able to recite the price of materials and the budget for labor in your sleep, but you’re bound to get tripped up by odds, ends and extras — known in the trade as soft costs — that you never imagined shelling out for. That’s why it’s always a good idea to budget 20 to 30 percent over your remodeling estimate so that you’re covered no matter what happens. —Houzz.com

There are also several ways to customize a wood deck. But, you have big, grand plans for a marvelous new, outdoor living space and an eye-catching landscape. You’ve included the cost of materials, furniture, and more. You’ve also thought about the cost of hiring a professional to get the very best results. But what’s likely escaped your planning are the following unexpected landscape and outdoor living costs which really add up quickly and to a lot of money:

  • New plumbing. While you have factored in the cost of a new sink, countertop, small refrigerator, and all else that’s needed for an outdoor kitchen, you could easily have overlooked the cost of installing new plumbing. It’s not just about water supply lines and drainage, but also, permits. Oh, and the new landscaping you have planned is also going to run up the cost. You might have to upgrade your irrigation system.
  • Higher utility costs. When you undertake any type of home improvement, your utility costs will increase the entire time it’s underway. After all, it takes electricity to power the equipment and your water use will skyrocket as the project goes on. Not to mention, having to go inside and out constantly, which adds to heating and cooling costs. All of that equals higher utility bills, so be prepared. Once your project is finished, you’ll still have more expensive utility bills.
  • Waste management. Perhaps the single-most overlooked renovation or new feature installation project cost homeowners forget to include is waste management. After all, you’ll have to do something with the debris that’s created. And make no mistake about it, waste will be plentiful. So, you’ll have to rent a roll off dumpster or hire a local junk removal service. Even if you manage to do it yourself, there’s still dumping fees to pay.
  • New electrical wiring. If your outdoor home improvement project calls for more lighting (which it really should so you can actually enjoy the space at any time of day), don’t forget about the cost of installing new electrical wiring for things like fans, lights, outlets, and more. It’s not just the cost of materials, but also, will include labor and probably some building permits will be necessary to obtain.
  • Ongoing maintenance. After the entire landscape and outdoor living project is totally complete, you’ll have to maintain it all. Even if you go the do-it-yourself route, it’s going to be an ongoing expense for your household. Although these will likely not be too expensive, they will add to your overall operating expenses.
  • Future repairs. Last but certainly not least are future repair costs. Something will inevitably break down or need to be completely replaced and that doesn’t come without a cost. At some point, you will have to pay for repairs or replace this or that.

If it’s time to update your landscape or add more features, like a new deck, just go ahead and contact us. We are a full-service, professional landscape design company and serve all of Sarasota, including near Bayfront Drive, around Rolling Green Golf Club, along Longboat Club Road, and elsewhere.

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