How to Keep a Healthy Summer Yard

how to keep a yard healthy during summerSummer is here in Sarasota, a preview of the annual season already occurred. If you think you’re dealing with a lot of stress and dread heat and humidity, just think about your yard. It can’t escape the sun and you compound its problematic existence by walking all over it. Hours of high heat, with little reprieve overnight, made worse by strong summer storms all spell trouble for your yard. That’s why it’s important to know how to keep a yard health during summer. (more…)

Using and Choosing a Leaf Blower

leaf blowerIt’s the time of year when every week or two, you have to put on an old tee shirt, step into a pair of comfortable worn out pants, and make your way to retrieve lawn mower, line trimmer, lawn bags, and a leaf blower.

What many people make the mistake of believing is if they buy a blower or blower-vacuum combination, they’ll never have to do anything else again. What’s more, the amount of time needed to cleanup lawn trimmings and leaves will be dramatically reduced. While it’s true that leaf blowers/vacs are great tools to making cleanup more efficient, they do not have a miracle button to press that magically does the job.

It’s also true that these landscaping tools will help to put the finishing touch on your lawn work, be that cleaning up fallen leaves, to blowing away grass clippings after mowing your lawn. The bigger the machine is, the more power and features it will have, generally speaking, which means that it will be a more versatile tool which will lend a helping hand in more ways than one. The key is to use your leaf blower in the way it was intended to get the most out of it. (more…)

DIY Yard Mosquito Control

DIY yard mosquito controlNow the weather has heated-up here in beautiful Sarasota, it not only means more days to spend on the white sand beaches and barbecuing on the grill, it means it’s time for an effective¬†yard mosquito control system.

Why Mosquito Control is Necessary

There are several common problem pests for infestations around the house, but, one that’s most troublesome, and sometimes dangerous, is the mosquito. These annoying insects prey on people and pets alike, leaving itchy bite marks on the skin. The good news is, you don’t have to suffer again through the summer because there are effective DIY yard mosquito control options at your disposal.


Lawn Equipment Summer Preparation Tips

lawn equipment summer preparationNow that summer is definitely here, the heat and humidity will be radiating throughout the next several months. With it come those afternoon storms that water our lawns and make the grass grow. That means having to mow about every week, along with edging, trimming, and blowing away clippings. It also means that your lawn equipment will get a big work out and it ought to be in the best condition to handle all that use.

If you’ve looked at the prices of new equipment, you probably know these items are not cheap. The good news is, with just a bit of preventative maintenance and care, you can get your lawn equipment in good condition and extend its life. It doesn’t take a mechanic or a lawn machine expert to do these things. What’s more, this preventative maintenance comes at a very low cost, because you’re only going to need a few inexpensive items. (more…)

Ways to Reduce Swimming Pool Water Loss

ways to reduce pool water wasteOne of the single most confounding problems homeowners face with their pools is water loss. Often times, this is due to a leak, one which might be small enough to evade detection. It could be hidden in a place that’s not easily accessible, like at the base of the steps inside the pool, even around a submerged, interior light, or, somewhere else that’s difficult to see.

More often that not, swimming pool water loss is due to evaporation. While this is completely normal, it can be more than just a natural phenomenon. Water evaporation is inevitable, and here in the Sunshine State, particularly along the coast of Sarasota, summer temperatures can easily rise into the mid 90’s. That amount of sun is enough to zap a pool of some water. As the months go by, water levels might begin to drop enough to be noticeable.

You might not think this to be a big deal, but water waste will always cost you in the end. It could be as simple as having to top-off your swimming pool, or, it could mean having it completely drained and professionally repaired. Even if it doesn’t seem that your pool is losing water, it likely is, and there are steps you can take in order to minimize waste. (more…)

Deck Lighting Installation Tips

deck lighting installationYour deck is a wonderful outdoor living space addition to your home. It provides an intimate and functional area to entertain and relax. When equipped with the right features, it becomes more than just a place to sit. A deck can be a gathering place where meals can be prepared, cooked, and served, with an outdoor kitchen. In addition, this space can also have other creature comforts and uses, for instance, a fire pit, seating area, television, sound system, and so much more.

In order to make it fully accessible, regardless of the time of day, you’ll need to install deck lighting. This provides more than just illumination for when the sun is down, it can also drastically transform your outdoor living space. Deck lighting can not only illuminate common seating and functional areas, it can also be used to highlight features. With such versatility, you’ll have a lot to take into consideration before you purchase and install deck lighting. (more…)

Biggest Landscaping Myths Homeowners Believe (but Shouldn’t)

biggest landscaping mythsWe live in a modern, technological world that keeps getting more sophisticated and savvy about sharing information and developing creature comforts. We have the best of the best when it comes to conveniences and those just keep getting better as time goes on, which is why it’s so perplexing that so many of us believe things that aren’t true.

Everyone of us sees things on television, the internet, and social media that defies logic or puts our ability to suspend disbelief to the ultimate test. Of course, these medium are usually where we collectively go to escape from reality but that doesn’t mean the content doesn’t creep into our subconscious. While there is an immediate availability to find information, particularly on the web, it’s quite alarming at how much of it isn’t accurate, is exaggerated, or is just plain wrong.

The sad part of this common phenomenon is that it can result in harm. When it comes to landscaping, there are plenty of myths and lost lasting folklore people believe. It’s only after experimenting and experiencing the results that the truth is revealed. The problem is that it can cost you a lot of time and money to make these mistakes and what makes it worse is that it’s all completely unnecessary. (more…)

When should I Add Pool Shock?

shock a poolWe’ve just looked at basic saltwater pool maintenance. Now, it’s that time of year again. Here in beautiful, sunny Sarasota, swimming season is definitely upon us, with temperatures reaching into the mid 80’s and the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay warming nicely. We can round up some good eats and icy cold beverages, head out to the white sands and watch the sunset over the horizon. For those who have a swimming pool right in their backyard, it’s time to break out the grilling utensils and get the pool ready for family and guests.

This might be the year you install or upgrade an outdoor kitchen, complete with plenty of landing and working space, as well as all the conveniences of appliances and storage space. It’s also time to get the pool ready for a cool and relaxing retreat. There’s nothing like taking a dip and floating about on those warm, balmy days that we all know so well here in on the west coast of Florida. Getting your pool ready for use includes checking the equipment, including the pump and heater, even if you’re not going to be using it for the next several months.

Your pool has likely been dormant for many months and you’ve wrestled with those pesky leaves and all that pollen that’s fallen recently. What’s more, there’s more organic and chemical waste that’s been permeating in your swimming pool water, from pet waste, rainfall, and pesticides, as well as herbicides. Bugs, twigs, leaves, and all kinds of stuff falls or runs into your pool and even if you’ve been diligent in skimming the water, there’s still a lot more stuff at the bottom you don’t necessarily see. (more…)

Basic Saltwater Pool Maintenance

basic saltwater pool maintenanceContrary to popular belief, saltwater pools do contain chlorine, unlike the widespread misconception purports. Suburban swimming pools have remained largely the same for decades, using nearly the same systems to keep them safe and comfortable for aquatic enjoyment. Pools were traditionally quite big, taking-up much of a backyard, but, over the last several years, the rise in popularity of saltwater pools continues to grow. These fixtures are generally smaller in size, but can be more aesthetically pleasing, and, are more healthy for skin.

What’s more, saltwater pools, though containing chlorine, do use less chemicals than traditional swimming pools, have a lower cost of upkeep, and only need minimal maintenance. That however, does not mean any maintenance, as saltwater pools do need care just like regular pools, and also like regular, or chlorinated pools, still need attention even during the months you aren’t swimming on a daily basis like you do in the summer. (more…)

How to Kill Lawn Crabgrass DIY Style

how to kill lawn crabgrassHere in beautiful, sunny Sarasota, summer is here, even as most of the country remains in much cooler temperatures. That means plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beach, time on the water, and those wonderful sunsets along the Gulf of Mexico. It also means it’s time to get back into the pool, host cookouts, hike or bike along winding trails, get out on the links or the tennis court, or just relax outside with a cool pitcher of lemonade.

It’s also time to give your landscape some attention. A few new plants, flowers, and a trim here and there to make everything look just right is in order. Perhaps installing a new fire pit or adding a deck is on your to-do list. What’s probably not on your want-to-do list is to battle crabgrass, that unsightly and unwelcome weed that thrives on the warm Florida sun and doesn’t ever seem to go away no matter what you do.

You’ve tried yanking it out of the ground, pulling it up by the root, even raking it until none of it remains, yet it comes back to threaten the beauty of your yard, year after year. The only good thing about it is it makes for a nice variety for livestock grazing, which isn’t of much condolence. Fortunately, there are a few different ways that you can win the battle over crabgrass. (more…)

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