5 Ways to Improve a Pergola

A pergola provides shade and enhances the look of almost any outdoor space. It’s great for entertaining and relaxing. What’s more, there are many styles from which to choose, so there’s something for practically every backyard. If you have a pergola or plan on installing one on your property, you can opt for the minimal look and function or dress it up with some improvements. For those who prefer the latter alternative, there are five wonderful ways to improve a pergola.

Pergola Alternatives

Homeowners who are considering a pergola might also be interested in something else. For instance, a new deck or patio, or even a combination of two of the three features. Of course, a new deck cost estimate and considerations will be in order, just as with a new pergola or a patio addition. Either a deck, made of wood or composite is a great feature to have because it typically helps to boost a home’s resale value. A patio will do much the same, as will a pergola.

A pergola is the perfect way to add character to an exterior space while serving a functional purpose. Sizes can vary, from a simple pergola that accents a growing garden to a larger scale one that covers a seating area to create a true outdoor room. Pergolas also come in many different styles and colors, so you can design one that enhances your home’s architectural style and landscaping. —HGTV

Another option is to install a swimming pool, which will be accompanied by a deck or patio. Whatever you decide, you should know about all the unexpected landscape, outdoor living improvement costs you’ll experience. This way, you won’t under budget or miscalculate and incur surprise expenses when you take on a landscaping or outdoor living home improvement project. Also, be honest about your own DIY skill set. If you aren’t confident you can do it on your own, hire an experienced professional. This will save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

5 Ways to Improve a Pergola

Installing a pergola or improving an existing pergola is a terrific way to enhance your outdoor living space, providing a focal point and useable entertainment feature. Many homeowners opt to “dress up” their pergolas so they get even more enjoyment out of the feature. Here are five ways to improve a pergola you can incorporate into your own outdoor living space:

  • Outdoor furniture. Although this makes the all-too-obvious list, it’s definitely worth including. The addition of comfortable, outdoor furniture transforms a pergola into a true living space. You can place outdoor furniture in a floating arrangement, providing improved traffic flow, better visual appeal, and more leg room, for you, family, and guests.
  • A new barbecue grill. Also making the same all-too-obvious list is a new barbecue grill. That’s just right for cooking out and if you are so inclined, you can go all-out. Consider upgrading from just a grill to a complete outdoor kitchen, complete with some preparation space, a refrigerator, utensils, and dinnerware. If you do place a grill under or near your pergola, be sure to take fire safety into consideration. Additionally, make sure to place the grill where it won’t cause a smoke problem for family and guests.
  • Hang privacy curtains. Another great addition to a pergola is privacy curtains. These not only keep prying eyes away but also are great for reducing sun exposure during the summer or any other season of the year in west-central Florida.
  • Install a multi-use fire pit. If a grill isn’t your fancy or you want something else for lighter cooking, install a multi-use fire pit. These are great for cool evenings and also serve as a table and gathering feature for family and guests. These can be used for light meals and a place for plates, as well as drinks.
  • Install cooling fans and misters. Here in sunny Sarasota, there’s many hot and warm days and nights. It can be downright uncomfortable during the summer months but you can provide some pleasant relief by installing cooling fans and misters. These create a cool, comfortable space, almost regardless of the weather.

If it’s time to update your landscape or add more features, like a new pergola, just go ahead and contact us. We are a full-service, professional landscape design company and serve all of Sarasota, including near Bayfront Drive, around Rolling Green Golf Club, along Longboat Club Road, and elsewhere.

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