Landscaping Tips Specifically For Florida Home Owners

Landscaping in Florida is different from just about anywhere else in the country, especially down here in Sarasota and the rest of the southern part of the state. Along with all the colorful, exotic plants we get to incorporate into a backyard design, the tropical climate and endless amount of sunshine also means doing things a little bit differently when it comes to basic backyard maintenance.

Generally speaking, what mostly defines the climate here in Florida is the heat. Freezing temperatures are rare and the soil is often swampy, sandy, and not terribly ideal for growing certain plants that might be common in backyards in other places around the country. In addition, our coastal location along the Gulf can also bring about salt spray and different variations in wind pressure, which undoubtedly poses additional challenges to anybody who lives close to the water. But with landscaping playing such a big role in the curb appeal of your home, finding new and affordable ways to overcome all the obstacles Florida’s tropical weather presents is essential to making sure your yard stays in tip-top shape.

If you’re looking for ways to add flair to your Florida home, try following these basic landscaping principles, which in many ways, are unique to where we happen to live:

Limit fertilizer use

With all the tropical storms we get in South Florida, rain water can often wash away any fertilizer you add to a yard, consequently pushing it into nearby bays, rivers, inlets, and lagoons. The result can also be harmful to those of us who love spending time in or out on the water, so reducing fertilizer use is a huge deal to those of us who call Florida home. In fact, Tampa and much of the surrounding area has even enacted strict regulations that directly relate to fertilizer management, so it’s best to leave it to the pros if you’re looking to fertilize your yard.

Use sun-friendly plants

If you’re looking to add more plant life around your Sarasota home, opt for plants that can withstand the hot Florida sun. Various palm trees, beach sunflowers, and countless ornamental grasses are all perfect drought-tolerant options that can spruce up your yard while surviving those scorching Sarasota summers.

Reduce your grass

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your lawn but also want to minimize maintenance, find ways to reduce the amount of grass. Install gravel pathways, stones, and even some water features, which not only help limit routine maintenance, but also add a little character and charm to your yard as well.

Be careful not to overplant

If you’re new to Florida, you’re probably not use to how quickly plants grow in a warm tropical environment. So as you’re adding new plants to your backyard, try to keep in mind how big certain plants will get as they mature, which will come in handy when it comes time to trim and maintain your yard in the future.

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