New Deck Cost Estimates and Considerations

New deck cost estimates will vary greatly depending on your preferred materials, size, and features. When you build a deck, there’s more to it than simply selecting the wood or composite. You’ve got to think about use, size, layout, and much more. Then, there are several deck customizations available and these will factor into cost, as well as time to completion. So, let’s take a look at some basic new deck cost estimates and considerations.

New Deck Installation Considerations

When most homeowners first think about adding a deck, they typically imagine the finished product’s look. That depiction often includes what type of deck surface material they want most. For instance, it could be redwood, cedar, polyethylene, polypropylene, tigerwood, teak, bamboo, or PVC. Some homeowners like the look and feel of pinewood lumber decks and opt for this as the surface material. But the surface material is only one component of many.

The end result: your own private oasis, mere feet from the fridge. The process? Nearly as easy, provided you envision your plans for using this newfound entertaining/relaxing/al-fresco-everything living space. You’ll want to be able to tell your top rails from your balusters for sure, but it’s also time to consider some bigger questions, like how much space do you need to pull out the dining chairs? Does your town require architectural plans before permits? And what about a hot tub? —

The first consideration should be the understructure materials. That is, the foundation of a deck and some of the most used understructure materials are pressure treated lumber, steel, and concrete and/or block. Pressure treated wood and steel both share the benefit of being resistant to rot and to insects, as does concrete. Of course, costs will differ for these understructure materials, so it’s very important to choose one that best fits your budget.

New Deck Cost Estimates

Speaking of budget, it’s also important to think about future costs. Remember, the materials and installation costs aren’t the only expenses you’ll incur. There will be maintenance costs involved to keep your deck in good condition for the duration of its life. Here are some new deck cost estimates to factor into your calculations when budgeting to build a new outdoor living amenity for your home:

  • Permits. Depending on the build and your type of residence, you might or might not need a building permit to install a new deck. Sarasota County generally does not require a building permit for “decks and patios directly on grade and without footings. (Any material, 1 and 2 family residences only).”
  • Property taxes. Although you might not need to get a building permit, a deck will add to the value of your home, which will be reflected in your increased property taxes. You can contact the local tax assessor to learn what to expect in regards to adding a deck to your house and its potential impact on your property taxes.
  • Materials. Now, one of the largest expenses will be the materials you choose for the understructure, the surface, and any additions, such as railing. On average the cost per square foot for the most popular materials are as follows: polyethylene $7.82, polypropylene $8.86, PVC, $7.50, redwood $7.75, tigerwood $20, cedar $3.75, and bamboo $3 to $4.
  • Additional costs. It’s likely you’ll also incur additional costs. For instance, deck lights range in price from $8 to $30 each. Post lighting is considerably more expensive, ranging in price from $30 to in excess of $100 apiece. Then, there are other things, such as an umbrella, railings, fire pit, grill, and more.
  • Maintenance costs. If you do chose a wood surface over composite, the wood will need to be restained occasionally, as well as resealed and waterproofed. Stain averages $30 per gallon and seal and waterproof combination mixtures range in price from $10 to $25 per gallon.

The average deck build installation cost is $6,916 for an area of under 200 square feet, about $35 per square foot. Cost factors include size, geographic location, materials, and whether it is done do-it-yourself or professionally installed.

But upfront and small ongoing maintenance costs are all worthwhile. A new deck will add value to your property and will be a great enjoyment for outdoor living and entertaining. Plus, when it comes time for resale, you’ll recoup some of your costs. Combine this with the enjoyment and use and it’s no wonder why so many homeowners add this great outdoor living amenity feature to their properties.

If it’s time to update your landscape or add more features, like a new deck, just go ahead and contact us. We are a full-service, professional landscape design company and serve all of Sarasota, including near Bayfront Drive, around Rolling Green Golf Club, along Longboat Club Road, and elsewhere.

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