Pool Screen Enclosure Birdcage Pros and Cons

A swimming pool screen enclosure, sometimes referred to as a “birdcage,” is quite popular here in Sarasota and throughout the state of Florida. Unlike our neighbors to the north, the Sunshine State enjoys many days of warmth and pools can be used for most of the year. Even during the ultra mild winter months, pools equipped with heating systems are used regularly. If you are considering having your swimming pool resurfaced or want to install a pool, you probably wonder about the screen enclosure birdcage pros and cons.

Cost to Build a Swimming Pool Enclosure

So, you’ve thought about installing a pool screen enclosure but are unsure whether it’s the right choice. While outside troubleshooting your pool pump, it struck you the pool just might need an enclosure. However, you need to know the cost and what’s more, the pros and cons of such a feature. Well, the cost ranges greatly, from just a couple of thousands of dollars up to approximately $14,000. But, keep in mind it depends on the size, type, and other factors.

There are many reasons to build a swimming pool enclosure. You may need added safety or security to keep your young children or pets away from the pool. You may want the protection from bugs and insects, or you might prefer a pool enclosure over a pool cover for keeping the pool clean while still being able to swim in it. There is a broad range of prices for a pool enclosure depending on what style and features you choose. —Home Advisor

The truth of the matter is, you can have your pool enclosed for an affordable cost. If you decide to go with something simple, it won’t be as expensive but will provide all the same benefits. Basically, the more elaborate it is, the more you’ll pay. It comes down to materials, labor, and design. There are several options from which to choose, which provide different aesthetics and function to the enclosure.

Pool Screen Enclosure Birdcage Pros and Cons

If you’re on the fence about installing a pool screen enclosure, you are definitely not the only one. Homeowners often wonder why they should and why the should not have their swimming pool enclosed. They wonder what it will be like to actually live with a screen pool enclosure. That’s perfectly understandable because it is something that will change the way you interact with your pool (and in a good way). Here are the top pool screen enclosure birdcage pros and cons:

  • Better security. Because the pool is enclosed, it makes your outdoor living area more secure, along with your home. It’s easy to lock to help dissuade intruders and provides you with a little more peace of mind knowing it’s there.
  • More swim time. The majority of homeowners who install a pool screen enclosure also opt for a pool heating system. It makes the perfect combination, giving your family and guests significantly more swim time, particularly when the weather turns chilly.
  • Less maintenance. Those pesky leaves that blow from your neighbor’s trees day in and day out won’t make it into your pool anymore. You’ll spend much less time skimming the surface, having to scoop out all leaves every couple of days.
  • Sunlight protection. A pool screen enclosure will provide you with more UV sunlight protection. While many people love being able to soak up the sun and lay out sunbathing, it’s just not healthy for your skin. It will help mitigate those harsh UV rays.
  • Insect and pest repellent. When you have a pool screen enclosure, you have a ready-made, always available, insect and pest repellent. The birdcage will keep mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and other pests away from your pool and your home.
  • Withstands strong winds. Pool screen enclosures are built strong, strong enough to withstand heavy winds. So, if a big storm does roll through the area, the birdcage will survive the inclement weather system.

Those are the benefits of installing a pool screen enclosure but it does have some drawbacks. It will slightly limit your landscaping options because of its size. Also, because it provides sunlight protection, that means cooler water temperatures. That’s welcome news in the middle of the summer but it will be a factor when the weather begins to cool. Installing a pool heater will certainly solve this dilemma.

If it’s time to update your landscape or install a new swimming pool, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a full-service, professional landscape design company and serve all of Sarasota, including near Bayfront Drive, around Rolling Green Golf Club, along Longboat Club Road, and elsewhere.

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